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Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Thing About Motor Homes

I just keep thinking that, as much as a 5th wheel toy hauler such as I just posted (which is as near to perfection as I've ever found at this point!) would be totally perfect for us, a motor home is so much more practical. Yes, I know I've posted about this before...I just keep going around and around in my head about it all though!

If we get a Class C with an overhead bunk in front, I've got a ready-made "shelf", complete with windows, for bird cages. They feel really tight, though, unless they have a slide...and for the amount of space, it seems that Class A's of similar age and mileage may be the better value. The thing with Class A's, however, unless they are a bunk model which are rare, is that there is no space for cages! The only options would be to alter something else. We could keep the dinette area folded down, as if for a bed, cover it all with something to protect it, and put cages there. Or the same for a couch, especially a jack-knife type. Building a simple platform over the upholstery so it is stable wouldn't be much trouble at all.

From a financial point of view, these would make the most sense, since we already have a car to use as a toad. We could spend more on the rig itself, and buy newer/better...

This one, for example, would work well since there are already 3 seats (Pete and I would only use 2, after all), we wouldn't need the couch and could either remove it or build something over it for cages. There is a little counter space too...although not too crazy about the side-by-side fridge but not a deal breaker. And we'd still have the dinette for the bed, or extra surface area to use when I'm cooking and baking...

This coach, on the other hand, has a little more counter space, and I'd probably want to keep the sofa and use the dinette area for my parrots. Folded down, it would have plenty of space for cages, as I could stack the smaller bird cages...

Here, I'd use the open jack knife sofa I'd think...and I like the kitchen real well in this model...

I probably won't stop changing my mind about all this until we have the $ in our hand, find the rolling home we want, and pay for it! So be prepared for more posts like this one :).


  1. I'm just curious if you have traveled with all your pets at one time and for any distance. Some animals have a hard time with the constant motion.You might look at the Facebook group "Camping and RVing with Pets". Lots of folks there might have some answers for you.
    PS I hope you like our blog.

    John and Kathy
    Living the RV Dream

  2. Thanks for the note. Yes actually I am a member there and have mentioned it several times but elicited little response. The dogs and cat all travel well, thankfully! The parrots have also traveled for several hours at a time and did real well, I'm happy to say :). Maybe nobody in that group has anything to say about traveling with parrots either, which is ok, I will certainly be blogging about it and hope my experiences will help others when they're where I am now :).

    Thanks for the input, guys!

  3. P.S. Yes, Pete and I love your blog!

  4. If you love our blog, try our weekly podcast "Living the RV Dream". We discuss every aspect of the full time lifestyle there. We are on iTunes in the podcast section. Also check our website for direct links to the latest shows.

  5. I'm Sherry Peters, my husband is Pete Peters, we're in Houghton Lake, MI...we've corresponded with you the last couple of weeks. I guess there's nothing here that makes the connection with who we are, now that you mention it...but we love your podcast, and actually have started saying on Tuesday, "3 more days until John and Kathy!"...on Wednesday, "2 more days until John and Kathy!"...and so forth - lol. Pete listens while he works nights at an AFC home, and I listen just about anytime as we are catching up on podcasts we haven't heard yet.

    To anyone else reading this, if you haven't listened to these podcasts, you're missing a real treat! You can also order them on CDs or a flashdrive at for a very reasonable price, considering all of the information - and entertainment! - that you get!