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Monday, June 4, 2012

The Leading of the Lord

As I've mentioned, I've been praying about this whole life-on-the-road thing. A lot. And as I pray I get more and more excited to see it actually happen. Even if we are able to move into our future rig and stay in the area until Pete retires. But that would require selling our house in this slow market...and it needs a few things done to it before we can list it, like replace some flooring, repair a ceiling where there had been a leak, have the carpets cleaned, and do some painting. We are planning to do all of this before fall, while I'm working my seasonal job and we have the extra income...
We live in a mobile home, on a permanent foundation, on a private lot. It is in good shape (other than the few things I mentioned above), is cozy and warm and I really do love it. It isn't a typical "trailer". Even so, with this economy, homes in our town take a while to sell, and values have gone down in line with the economy. It is beautiful here, and if you mention it to anyone in Michigan 9 times out of 10 they will start relaying tales of childhood vacations here, and even express a wish that they could live here full-time. On the largest inland lake in the state (my house is up on a hill, about 1/4 mile from the lake; we have a sliver of a lake view from our mailbox - lol!), Houghton Lake is a wonderful place!
Anyway, a few days ago God very clearly put the words into my heart, something I would have never EVER thought of on my own: There is someone out there who has been on the road and is ready and wanting or needing to settle into a permanent home. We are ready to leave our permanent home, and get on the road. It is time to start looking into a trade of sorts. As things progress I will keep you posted. I don't know where or how they will find us or we will find them but I DO know that God's timing will be perfect! We will continue to make our changes so that this home will bless another couple or family, and will be looking for whomever will be living here next, and for their rig, where we will be living next!
If you are a brother or sister in Christ, I covet your prayers for us :). This seems to be a wonderful option, though, don't you think so? :)

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