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Monday, May 28, 2012

Funny How Our Entire Life Perspective Has Changed...

I have written before about how I am so immersed in everything-RVing; I read dozens of blogs every day, belong to multiple Facebook groups, follow podcasters, watch dozens of YouTube videos, and visit a ton of RV dealer sites on a regular basis. All of these things only serve to make me want it to happen NOW! Of course, that is impossible, but it all is good impetus, that's for sure!

Everything I do throughout the day, it seems, is done with my "RV mindset". When I am cleaning and notice something on a shelf or in a drawer that I haven't used in months (or years!), I just throw it out. When I look in my closet, I mentally shrink it down to RV-size and see only the clothes I wear most often in that mental image. As I'm washing dishes I wonder why I have to many place settings? and every time I open the post'n'pans cupboard, I realize I only use a very few of them regularly and wonder why I have so many? It's like I'm downgrading already, in my mind, so when the time comes I will just have to DO what I've already THOUGHT.

Then again, sometimes I wonder, "Why wait?" Why, indeed...

And speaking of FB groups: I think I will be limiting my subscriptions to a lot of them. Has anyone else noticed that it's the same people in every one of them, repeating (pasting?) the same things to them all? And my particular pet peeve, using one group to advertise about another...not once in a while, but over and over again. So before I get really irritated at the waste of my time - which is precious BTW - I'll just pick my 3 favorites and leave the rest.

And speaking of blogs: I LOVE these blogs! I can't wait to go to bed every night just so I can read them on my Droid! Thing is, most of the time I fall asleep, having had a very busy day, before I am able to catch up on that day's new posts! Right now I'm almost 3 weeks behind on my reading :(.

It's just time. Or lack thereof. So I'm thinking that rather than ponder all of the stuff I won't be taking with me, I will start getting rid of it now. Stuff takes ownership of a person (hence my fascination with the Tiny House movement for the last few years!), and that which owns us takes up our TIME! I'm ready. I'm beyond ready. Let's GO already! :)

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