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Saturday, May 5, 2012

It seems that class A bunkhouse MHs are few and far between...but when I saw this one I thought how well it would work for us! While I'm still pretty enamored with toy haulers, I could definitely imagine us in something like this. Bunks would of course hold bird cages. I even like the colors in this one, and it is absolutely my favorite outside decoration/paint job/whatever you call it that I've seen out of hundreds of videos and pics and up close and personal units. If not a toy hauler, then this layout would probably the best in a MH.

Anyway, here is the video:

(I like TT's and 5th wheels also, and some are very livable for us all...but I just can't get beyond the idea of having to move all my critters into small travel cages and up into my tow vehicle every time we move. That would SO limit us in our stops along the way also, you just can't leave caged up parrots and dogs and cat in a truck while you go off sight-seeing on foot. Plus I want to have access to all of my pets while on the road...and not have to store all the small travel cages while camped...just makes better sense to have a MH with bunks or with a garage.)

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