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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Nice Older MH, and Pets

Isn't this one a beauty? Only thing: we'd have to tear out either the couch or the dinette and stack cages there. Stacked isn't ideal. And they build the furniture around "stuff" - storage, wiring, whatever - so removing it completely isn't always possible, or is difficult. Hubby asked me one day, "Have you ever thought of how easy this would all be if we didn't have all these pets?" While I can't imagine giving up a single one of my beloved critters, yeah, now I am thinking of it. Not an option. Maybe by the time we get our next coach, the animal population will have dwindled a bit, naturally, though...once I get past the grief with each one, I think things may be easier. WOW, and lookie HERE! The couch would have to go... Really, we'll have to have a bunkhouse or a toy hauler, and a Class A or Class C. But I like looking at them all.

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