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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Dreaming vs DREAMING!

I have been dreaming about full-timing for a long time now. But now I'm DREAMING about it! All of the dreams I have while sleeping - all of the ones I remember anyway - take place in an RV, a campground, an RV park, or someplace similar.

Someone asked in the Fulltime RVing Facebook group which RV magazines people read. My first thought was, "When would I find time to read a magazine???" :) Thing is, I'm never up-to-date reading all of the blogs and websites and forum posts to which I subscribe, or watching the videos (online or recorded on my DVR), let alone have time for magazines. Makes me wonder, though, what I might be missing?

I already wrote that I'm immersed. Maybe that's why, in my dreams while I sleep, I'm already living the fulltime lifestyle!

Meanwhile, what have I done to get ready for this venture so far this week? My goal is, of course, to do one thing every day, and accomplish one thing every week in preparation. (To "do" one thing is a little thing, ie throw come across something that won't be going, and put it in the "garage sale" pile. To "accomplish" one thing is more major, such as actually sell something, or go through a closet or cupboard and pull out 90% of what's in there that won't be going, or whatever.) It is time to start some posting of these tasks I think, if I'm going to share the whole Planning for Our Future experience.

So as we pray about this, and as God's leading is so clear that He is filling our hearts and minds with it, I will continue to ask God to make clear His timing. If this is going to happen sooner rather than later, then show me the way, and make it possible. If He will open the doors next year (as I sense in my spirit), then God grant me patience and the will to do the things I need to be doing now!

In the meantime though, heavenly Father, thank you for the DREAMS!

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