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Monday, April 30, 2012

Mitch The RV Guy

I watch a lot of YouTube videos about RVs, MHs, travel trailers, 5th wheels...I watch 'em ALL. I've seen hundreds. And I see a lot of salesmen (and a gal or 2) doing the demos. But Mitch The RV Guy is my favorite. They all give information, some inject humor, some show a little personality, some make me roll my eyes...but good old Mitch TRVG does it all! I've learned from him a lot of things to check for when buying a used RV, I've seen his wife and his dog at home (yeah, I'm sure that was an OOPS! in THAT video, at about 0:57 - lol!), I've wondered if his smile at the very end is really sincere (I believe that it is, and if it isn't I don't want my illusions shattered)...but I can't stay away from him! His are the first videos I look at every day when I check for new uploads, and there's just something about the way he is so thorough when showing the RVs he sells, and so personable, and so happy with what he does and his product, it's contagious.

He's a good kid, I think, and I also truly believe that he really DOES have the customers' best interest at heart. He is good at what he does, not so polished that he doesn't inspire trust, not always grammatically correct or even politically correct, but I don't care. I want to see him succeed and find myself cheering for him, hoping that his videos are seen by those who are ready to buy what he's selling. And now that I've gotten a glimpse of his wife (in that OOPS segment) I just think she's so cute too, what a nice little couple, I want them to be successful and happy.

Darn it, he really makes me want to buy an RV from him! We won't be going to California for our RV when the time comes, but someday maybe we'll make it to California so I can shake his hand and wish him well!


  1. I worked with Mitch. He lies allot and that's why he has been asked to leave from about 4 dealers over 5 years. He once said his dad died and needed some time off of work but he forgot his boss was a Facebook friend and sure enough he was actually posting pics of him and his dad on vacation and he was alive

  2. Good to know, thanks for your input :).