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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Step TWO!!

Just got off the phone with the guy who has the 96 Vectra for sale. On to the next step: he and his wife want to see the house, they have some houses that they've fixed up for rentals apparently. We talked about general condition of this house and his motorhome, he said the Vectra will need some tires but that everything mechanical is in good shape. We need to see if it will suit us...he needs to see if this house will suit him...we'll try to get together in the next few days so that we can each examine the others' units.

If we're unable to barter our house for a motorhome before spring we'll list it to sell...but you never know, God has a way of working things out for the benefit of everyone within His will! So we'll just keep doing our part putting the word out there.

Have I mentioned why we're not simply listing our house to sell, then purchasing a motorhome as our first choice? It is because houses take FOREVER to sell around here. There are houses still for sale that were for sale when we were looking in this area in 2005 and 2006! To barter makes so much more sense!

We will definitely NOT be just taking the first motorhome that comes along - unless it is right for us. We aren't desperate. We have time, if we want to take it. As I've mentioned ad nauseum, we need to have spaces for critter cages, first and foremost, and I like to cook so I need an adequate kitchen. Since it will be spending so much time here in northern Michigan, it has to be able to withstand the cold. I realize that 4-season MHs are few and far between, but we need to be able to take measures so our tanks and lines don't freeze, and that we can heat it adequately through the winter. There are other considerations as well, but these are foremost in my mind at the moment.

So. On to step 2 of our first bartering contact: the evaluations. I hope that you will join me in praying that God will speak clearly to us when we run across the right MH for us, and that He'll keep nudging us back onto the right path as we're walking in His will where this is concerned!

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