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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Better Luck Next Time! :)

The barter didn't pan out, and I'm ok with that :). I am super-anxious to be out on the road but the Lord apparently doesn't have us ready yet, but He'll get us there in His timing - which is the only timing that matters to us!

Meanwhile, we continue to pare down. We have gone through boxes - DOZENS of boxes - of stuff that has been packed and never unpacked for the last 2 moves! We now have all of the cardboard boxes unpacked and have a bunch of empty totes as well.

Something that worked out really well for us - and is but a small evidence of God's big plan - is that a woman at our church wanted to fulfill her dream of having a second-hand store. And God was paving the way, opening doors, leading her directly into His plan/her dream (which, when we seek God's will He fills our hearts with His desires - and then gives us the desires of our hearts!) at the same time He's been working with us...long story short, she has helped us to clear out our home and we've helped her fill her store! Yes, God IS that good!

So we're not letting the grass grow under our feet. Pete starts receiving SS in January but will continue to work at his current job part time until the time comes. My seasonal job will end in the next few weeks, and I'm seriously praying about seeking my first out-of-the-house job since 1997, just for the winter. (I had my own business plus my seasonal at-home job for most of those years.) So please pray with me if you are so inclined...

We were driving downstate last week and stopped in Birch Run for gas. There, across the street from the gas station, was the expo center - and on the sign out front was flashing an RV show THAT VERY DAY! So we did what we needed to do downstate and then hustled back up to the show. It was wonderful! They had lots of Class C's and Class A's, but not only new ones they had quite a few used ones as well! AND we talked to lots of people and discussed my bartering idea - lots of interest in the idea, in general, enough that I have some new ideas:

It may not happen until my job is done for this year, but I plan to make a website with a few photos of my house, and some details, along with a description of what I'm looking for. Then I can make up some cards - like business cards - to hand out during such discussions, and also make some post cards to mail out to used RV brokers and in answer to ads, etc. AND, if nothing happens by spring, and as I'm led, I could even put a sign right in front of the house with my URL right on it!

Then again...we may just seek a buyer in the spring, if we're still here (probably will be, although I don't know God's plan yet! but most RV's I'm guessing will be winterized and/or stored, and not ready to be bartered/sold in the wintertime), using traditional means. Besides God...who knows?

Thanks, once again, for listening :).


  1. There are many, many used RV's for sale in the southern states that are never winterized. Check with Florida, Texas, and Arizona dealers.

  2. I am SO stuck in my "inside the box" thinking! Great idea, thanks :).