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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Where The Heck Have I Been?!?!?

The first rule of blogging is, well, to BLOG. You lose readers when you don't. And I haven't. For almost 2 months. (I'd have thought it was just a month but the numbers don't lie!)

During this time I've been sick for over a week, I've spent a couple of weeks downstate when my sister had to have an unexpected, serious surgery, we've been working on things around the house to get it ready for barter (preferably) or sale (if we must), and just been busy!

What we've accomplished so far is cleaning the carpets (which we'll need to do again, why do old stains seem to reappear from nowhere after a couple of humid days?!?); we've had the deck power washed, then stained it. Hubby as done a lot of yard work. We've gone through accumulated stuff in the garage, my former shop, our bedroom, and the kitchen, and cleared out much of it. A full vanload and a truckload of stuff has been hauled away with LOTS more ready to go.

So we've hardly been sitting around waiting for things to happen :). Still a lot to do obviously, unless we want to promote the house as a "fixer-upper" - the roof over my old shop sprung a leak, it's a good roof, but apparently the garage shingles were laid by amateurs who made a couple of mistakes in placement, so we have to fix that as well as replace the drywall ceiling in that spot; replace the flooring in the utility room, bathroom, and kitchen (all very small, shouldn't take much); replace the toilet, probably the original, just wearing out like the floors. And the big thing - GET RID OF THE FLEAS!

This has been an awful year for fleas. I work for a pest control company - so I know. Whenever we have a really hot summer, there are lots and lots of fleas. This year we were hit hard! To make things worse, our minpin had a mild reaction to the flea stuff we use. Didn't bother him last year, didn't have a problem earlier this year, but last week he showed some neuro signs after it was applied (of course late at night when the vet's closed - thankfully by morning he was ok) no more stuff on him! But we'll have the house treated, continue treating the other dog and the cat, and make do with weekly flea baths for poor Pharaoh.

During this time, with so many other things going on, it has seemed pointless to go looking at motorhomes - online or in person - so I've just concentrated on getting ready. I will still keep putting feelers out there, maybe there is someone who has a motorhome they don't want to store yet again this winter, and will be ready to trade even before everything is done in the house, best case! We're working on being ready for God's timing, whenever it happens...or whenever He shows us how to MAKE it happen :).

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