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Friday, March 30, 2012

Oooh...Nice Travel Trailer!

(Click on title to see page to which I'm referring.)

I can see us in this one! It's kinda bigger that what I think we want, but I can see how we'd manage in it just fine! That big blank wall in the living room is where we'd hang the TV, and the 3 pet crates (2 small dog, 1 cat) could go under it, with a custom cover/shelf for DVD player, VCR, videos/DVDs, whatever. Then where that little barrel chair and cabinet are would be a dandy spot for bird cages, if we could configure them well. Another option for cages would be putting the kitchen table down to the bed position, removing all the cushions, and using that as a big stand for cages. It isn't ideal to keep them so close to - or IN - the kitchen, but with great care it could work...

We're not so much thinking about travel trailers as we are back to Class C MH's. But I guess we'll probably change our minds a hundred times before we buy our first one - which won't be the last one! - and it will come down to what is available, what we can afford, and what will work out for us at that time. We may not have as many birds by then (3 of our flock are in their upper years and one, though middle-aged, isn't very hardy) so may not need as much space for cages. Financial circumstances may change, as Pete has some "irons in the fire" at the moment. We may have different needs to accommodate health-related equipment.

So everything can be different "then" - whenever that is - than it is now. But this is a pretty nifty travel trailer, anyway :).

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